The idea of the Welbeing series is to inquire into the state of well-being, to marry words and image, mind and body so to speak, in an exploration taking stock of the new century we find ourselves in.  To that end, Welbeing is a series of four folios of fine art prints with an accompanying essay.  Each essay is handset in 16th century Plantin type, ideas and thoughts greeting the new era in garments of the old, as the techniques of printmaking have long histories, reaching back to the 15th century in the west.
Each folio in the Welbeing series from Wycross Press contains eight to nine sheets approximately 15 x 20 inches, consisting of 1 Welbeing cover sheet/poster and a colophon by Conrad Ross, 2 prints by each of 2 artists, and an essay of 2-3 pages by a guest author.  This project began in the Spring of 2000 as the Printology series of folios was ending.  The first folio was published in 2004.
Folios are available for purchase or show. Contact Wycross Press with inquiries.
The artists and authors Included in each Folio are:
Folio I -  Tides
Poster and Colophon by Conrad Ross
Artist/printmakers: Ed Paschke and Eric Avery
Essay: “The Tides of Well-Being” by Mary Cameron, Director of Women’s Studies Center and Professor of Anthropology Florida State University, Boca Raton, Florida.

Folio II -  Living
Poster and Colophon by Conrad Ross
Artist/printmakers: Conrad Ross and Julia Kjelgaard
Essay: “Living Well” by Jo Taylor who lives and works in Puerto Rico.

Folio III -  Healing
Poster and Colophon by Conrad Ross
Artist/printmakers: Carrie Iverson and John Himmelfarb
Essay: “On Healing” by Martine Batchelor a Korean Zen Nun living in England.

Folio IV -  Anima
Poster and Colophon by Conrad Ross
Artist/printmakers: Sarojini Jha Johnson and Oscar Gillespie
Essay: “Well-Being in the 21st century” by Donald R. Wehrs, Hargis Professor of English Literature, Auburn University

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