Pam Longobardi

       "The Persistence Of Myth"


      Hugh Merrill

     "Deep End I"




    First Folio                                         



          Bob Shelton

          "Cinema 25"


          Sue Buck




   folio 2- Men and Women                       



    Leslie Koptcho

    "Next to the Skin"


    Chris Kakas

    "Vision of Oia"







  folio #3 -Sight and Insight                              



            Dan Kiacz

           "Diego's Woman"


      Steve Seaberg

      "Iconography Of Abuse"



 folio #4 - Ultimate Concerns                   



      Karen Kunc

     "Moss Islands"



    Conrad Ross




   folio #5 - East and West                     



       Don Furst

      "In Dark Geometry IV"


    Art Werger

    "Above and Below"





  folio #6 - Streets and Rooms                   


           Margaret Prentice

           "Image Catcher"


           Juérgen Strunck


  folio #7 - Flux & Focus                                    


     Lee Chesney

     "Burnt Toast and Slow Gin"



         Ed Bernstein




 folio #8 - Wild Thing                              



        Fred Hagstrom



  Michael Voors

 "From The Forum"


folio #9 - World Enough                        



     Sydney Cross

    "Impulse Consumed"



        Anne Beidler

       "she moves"


 folio#10 - Out-Of-Control