WELBEING   FOLIO   THREE...... Healing    (ISSN 1530 - 3659)

WELBEING III - Healing, was published in March 2007. Printed in an edition of 30 with 24 of those folios being offered for sale. This third folio in the series from Wycross Press contains nine sheets approximately 15 x 20 inches: a cover sheet, an illustrated colophon with a tipped in print by Conrad Ross, an essay by Martine Batchelor of three sheets handset in 14 point 16th century Plantin with initial letters designed by William Morris for his Jensen press, and four original prints by the artist/printmakers John Himmelfarb and Carrie Iverson.

        The folio of nine sheets sells for $1,000...................................$800 to public institutions and libraries.



                  Billow                                                              Carrie Iverson                 Shale                            John Himmelfarb and Carrie Iverson



                  River                            John Himmelfarb and Carrie Iverson                   Flame                                                       John Himmelfarb



      This folio is the third in a continuing series of folios combining word and Image, fine art prints by two artist/printmakers from Chicago with an essay on well-being from a Zen perspective, from a Korean Zen Nun living in France.


      The idea of this series is to make inquiry into the state of well-being through word and image, through individual insight, as we emerge into the twenty-first century. The attempt is to focus thought, difficult as it is in these trying and distracting times with our young men being sent to secure a peace in the far off lands of Iraq and Afganistan. How can we take stock of the new born century into which we are fast emerging, when our hearts and minds are elsewhere?

      The need for healing, for an end to the war that should never have been waged, surely must distract, drawing us away from concentrating on the needs of our times.

      How, we continually ask, can we find a state of ease with the times in which we live?

Himmelfarb and Iverson have collaborated to produce four intaglio prints combining soft, hard and sugarlift grounds, aquatint, a photo plate and collé. Martine Batchelor concentrated her effort on exploring the idea of meditation and its relation to healing. The mix has resulted in WELBEING III - Healing.

John Himmelfarb is an established artist, working in Chicago. His calligraphic drawings and paintings, driven by an unceasing devotion to line, consistently blurr aesthetic boundaries. Himmelfarb creates a synthesis of graphic sign, text and elusive image challenging visual language.

Carrie Iverson, referred to as a poet, is a printmaker, painter, book and glass artist.  She received a BA from Yale University and a MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.   She is currently based in Chicago.

Martine Batchelor, ordained as a Buddhist nun in Korea in 1975, studied Zen Buddhism under the guidance of the late Master Kusan at Songgwang Sa monastery. She is interested in meditation in daily life, Buddhism and social action, religion, women's issues, and the history of Zen. She presently lives with her husband, Stephen Batchelor in France.

Conrad Ross, born in Chicago and raised in the Midwest , is an Emeritus Professor of Auburn University, he has spent his professional life teaching drawing and printmaking in the South. His landscapes are imaginary vistas influenced by travel to China on a Fulbright in 1993.

The illustrated colophon and cover sheet is printed on Mohawk Cover. “Cereus,” the night blooming cactus is the tipped in lithograph found in the colophon, the work of Conrad Ross, owner of Wycross Press.


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