WELBEING   FOLIO   TWO...... Living    (ISSN 1530 - 3659)


      The second in a series of folios combining word and image, of fine art prints and an essay, from 

         Wycross Press.   The idea is to inquire into the state of well-being, through word and image - mind and 

         body, so to speak - focusing thought to take stock of this new born century into which we are fast emerging.

       How, one might ask, can we find a state of ease with the times in which we live? The dissolution

         referred to in the cololphon and the essay, suggested in the prints surely must lead to a consideration of  

         living the good life.

         Jo Taylor’s three page essay, “Living Well,“ examines the good life thru three case studies literally picked 

         out of the air. Jo lives and works in Puerto Rico as a Research Coordinator for the University of Puerto Rico.

         She taught English at Tuskegee University and her love of poetry naturally reveals itself. She references her

         study for our further study.



           cover                                                                            colophon 



         Nature.Nurture I                    Julia Kjelgaard                 Nature/Nurture #2                 Julia Kjelgaard


     Julia Kjelgaard is a Senior Lecturer in the Visual Arts Program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She 

     has received travel and research grants from the University of Michigan, the University of wyoming and Emory

     University, recently gaining a Fulbright for a six month stay in India. Highly influenced by travel, she is

     particularly interested in eastern art and philosophy, pattern, color and new techniques.



         Neither Earth Nor Water       Conrad Ross                       Nor Light Nor Air                  Conrad Ross


     Conrad Ross, born in Chicago and raised in the Midwest is an Emeritus Professor of Auburn University; he 

     has spent his professional life teaching drawing and printmaking in the South. His landscapes are imaginary 

     vistas influenced by his travel to China on a Fulbright in 1993.


   WELBEING-LIVING is printed in an edition of 30, 25 of which are being offered for sale.
    This second folio in the WELBEING series was published in December,2005 contains nines sheets, all  

    approximately 15 x 20 inches: a cover sheet printed on Richard Da Bas paper, an illustrated colophon, a three 

    sheet essay handset in 16th century Plantin with initial letters designed by William Morris, and 4 original prints

    by artist/printmakers, Julia Kjelgaard and Conrad Ross

     The folio of nine sheets sells for $1,000.............................$800 to public institutions and libraries.

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